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  Virginia Peninsula USBC Youth

 • Shawn Stacy
 • Terry Anderson
 • Mary Pancoast
 • Amanda Tate

 Chairperson: Bob Pancoast
 • Ira Tate, Jr  • Amanda Tate
 • Laura Favata  • Mary Pancoast
 • Edna Woodard  • Teresa White
 • Fatima Nunez  • Terry Anderson
 • Anne Ray  • George Moore
 • Patrick Rollins  • Wendy Sczuroski

  Chairperson: Bob Pancoast
 • Sarah Bercaw
 • Laura Favata
 • Ira Tate, Jr
 • Terry Anderson
 • Keith Johnson

 • Bob Pancoast

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Become part of the fastest growing Youth Sport in the Nation - Bowling!

Contact your local Bowling Center for more information about leagues dates and times, we also have a High School League where your Son or Daughter can represent their High School.

USBC-certified coaches will instruct your child from the basics to advance bowling skills, the USBC Registered Volunteer Program will ensure that all volunteers who have contact with USBC youth bowlers are qualified to do so.

Your child can also earn scholarship funds to help youth bowlers achieve their educational goals and reach their full potential.
Click Here Information and membership - USBC Youth has several great ways for kids to get involved with a lifetime sport.


1. Sportsmanship. Kids learn more than just bowling skills while participating in youth bowling programs. They’ll learn how to win and how to lose with the right attitude. They’ll also build character and self-confidence!

2. Exercise. It’s not easy getting your kids to join you during a yoga session or to run a mile on the treadmill, but your kids will practically beg you to go bowling. What they don’t realize is that throwing a heavy ball repeatedly requires strength and endurance, and you can burn a lot of calories.

3. Team Work. In youth bowling programs, it doesn’t matter if your child gets the highest score, with teammates that are on similar experience levels, the goal becomes to work together as a team.

Volunteer Program

The USBC Registered Volunteer Program ensures all volunteers who have contact with USBC youth bowlers are qualified. Click Here

USBC Coaching

USBC Coaching Level I is an online program that covers fundamentals that apply to youth and adults. Take the Level I online course, follow the steps to register. CLICK HERE


SMART, which stands for Scholarship Management and Accounting Reports for Tenpins, offering the bowling community a centralized location to manage funds.Click Here

1st Youth Tournament 300

54th Annual VPUSBC Youth City Tournament Jason Curtis of Langley bowled his first 300 game, and it was the first perfect game rolled in VPUSBC Youth Tournament history. • Video

2017 VPUSBC Youth Tournament

• Final Standings • Scholarships
The 54th Annual VPUSBC Youth City Tournament was huge success with over $4000 in Scholarships awards plus Jason Curtis of Langley put his name in the record book by bowling the frist 300 game in VIRGINIA PENINSULA USBC Youth Tournament history and it was his first perfect game - Congratulations!   • Video

Team, Division 1 Avg 520 and Up, Handicapped
York Youth 1 with teammates Dylan Dresler, Holt Shideler, Morgan E Cooper and Justin C Meyers came in first place with a total score of 2,944, York Youth 8 second place with 2918 and third Justin's Angels 2905.

Team, Division 2 Avg 0-519, Handicapped
York Youth 2 with an outstanding score of 3,138 first place , with Aaron R Sylvia, Nathan T Tate, Blake M Howe, and William O'Flynn on the team. Second place went to Strike Force with a total of 3,052 and a close third was Super Strikers 3,044.

Doubles, Division 1 Avg 260 and Up, Handicapped
First place Trayvon A Williams and Kristina D Snyder (1,623), 2nd place Christopher L Williams and Cameron R Griggs, (1,556) and again a close race in 3rd just two pin back William O'Flynn and Blake M Howe, (1,554).

Doubles, Division 2 Avg 0-259, Handicapped
Jamie Curtis and Naijhyl Sneed rolling a nice combined score of 1,570 to take first place, 2nd place Lester J Richardson and Shane A Richardson just Fifteen pins back with 1,555 and ten pins back in 3rd place Aiden M Bain and Barry Smith with a combined score of 1,545.

Peewee Bumper Bowlers, Handicapped
Emily Melanson, (photo left), with a total score of 377, lead the field of Bumper Bowlers to take first place, with Kate Thibault in second place (351), Lauryn Favata, (photo right), came in thrid just four pins behind (347) and Alex Chocklett (337) filled the fouth possition and in fifth Sophia Tranbarger (329).

Singles, Avg 130 and Up, Handicapped
This division was tight, great battle of pinfall, first place was Michael R Nowell with a great score of 837, second place Jason L Curtis (819) three pins back in thrid Kristina D Snyder (816), fourth Raymond J Root just two pins off (814) and tied for fifth was Timothy J Glazier and Aurelien L Lucasaldridge both scoring 803.

Singles, Avg 0-129, Handicapped
First place Torri K Clarke (849), second Daniel J Manning (821) and third Alania M Griffith (817).

Singles, Scrarch Singles Avg 130 Up, Scratch
Jackson A Guthrie , pictured left, took first place with a Scrarch score of 728 with Timothy J Glazier in second place just six pin back bowling his highest series of 722 at City Tournament, third place Justin C Meyers (694) fourth place Morgan E Cooper (631) and in fifth place Austin L Serio (551).

Singles 129 and Below, Scratch
First place Kassie L Hoyt 303, second place Brooke A Byrd (267) and in third place Morgan Everts (164)

All Events, 130 and Up, Handicapped
Coming in first place was Kimberly Wisser, pictured left, rolling an excellent combined score of 2,451 with second place Kristina D Snyder (2,425) and in third place was William O'Flynn (2,370), fouth place Owen C Harris (2,358) and fifth Cameron R Griggs (2,302)

All Events, 129 and Below, Handicapped
All Events was a shoot out with scores so close a spare could make the difference in positions. In first place Daniel J Manning (2,447), pictured left, second Naijhyl Sneed (2,376), this is the battle ,third Michael Jones (2,343). fouth 0ne pin back Torri K Clarke and Alania M Griffith(2,342)and another one pin difference with fifth place going to Shane A Richardson (2,341).

Youth Schedule of Events

Peninsula High School Bowling Club

2018 Virginia High School Tournament held January 7, 2018 at Bowl America Midlothian, Virginia our Peninsula Youth again made us proud with excellent finishes.

The Sparetimes High School League team of Nick Powers, Peneeta Wojcik, and DeSean Bostic were 1st in the Handicap division.

Sam Callender of the Peninsula High School League was 1st on the Boys Scratch All Tournament Team with a 215 average and Morgan Cooper had the Girls High Scratch game. The scratch bowlers bowled on a sport pattern showing their skill and talent in the Sport, congratulations to all our Peninsula High School Youth Bowlers on a successful tournament.

VPUSBC Tournament Results

• 2017 Youth Tournament
Results: • Final Results   • Scholarships

• 2016 Youth Tournament
   Results: • Final Results

VA STATE Tournament Results

• 2017 VA. ST. USBC Youth

• 2017 VA. ST. USBC Youth
   High School Tournament


• 2016 VA. ST. Youth Standings
• 2015 VA. ST. Youth Standings

Junior Gold

2017-18 Junior Gold Schedule & Pricing PDF

Please note that the December Jr Gold to be held at Sparwetimes was re-scheduled for November 12th.

Jr Gold sites set for 2018-2020
ARLINGTON, Texas – Dallas, Detroit and Indianapolis will be the summer destinations for youth bowlers as International Bowling Campus Youth Development has determined sites for its national youth events for 2018 through 2020.

The Junior Gold Championships, USA Bowling National Championships and Bowling.com Youth Open will head to Dallas in 2018, Detroit will serve as the host city in 2019 and Indianapolis will be the site of the national events in 2020. CLICK HERE

2017 Jr Gold Championships
July 15-22, 2017    Cleveland, OH

 • Junior Gold Information
2016 Final Standings

Teen Masters

The Teen Masters has a history of identifying champions, Teen Masters have gone on to claim college titles and spots on Team USA.   • Click Here

Youth Open

2017 Bowling.com Youth Open Championships
July 14-15, 22-25, 29-31, 2016 in Indianapolis. • Click Here

Pepsi Youth

Information for the 2016-2017 Pepsi Youth Tournament is now available on the VA ST Youth Page

• 2017 Final Results
• 2016 Final Results

• Pepsi USBC Youth Championships Information


The USA Bowling National Championships is a national tournament for the top U12 and U15 youth teams.
• Click Here

Junior Team USA is an elite group of top American boys and girls who represent the U.S. in international bowling competition. Click Here

USBC Bowling Academy is your go-to online resource for bowling instruction, ideas, and information. Click Here

Learn about the Bowling Combine at the International Training & Research Center in Arlington, Texas. Application forms for players and coaches Click Here